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Current Students

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Hello current GEC students!

On this page you will find information on:

  • how to pay for your lessons online
  • the Safe Horse Handling Class if you have not taken it already


You can pay for your lesson(s) online via PayPal.  There is a 2.9% fee added to the total lesson cost when paying this way.  You can pay for one or multiple lessons, please fill out all the fields on the payment form so that we can process it correctly.

You can also pay for lessons via cash or check with no fee (checks made payable to GEC).

Payments via debit/credit onsite are subject to the following fees:

  • Up to $200: $5
  • $201 – $500: $10
  • $501 – $800: $15
  • $801 – $1100: $20
  • $1101 – $1400: $25
  • $1401 – $1700: $30

Click here for online payments

Safe Horse Handling Class:

This class is required for students who wish to be able to get their lesson horse in from the field on their own and/or wish to arrive early for their lesson to groom and tack their horse ahead of time.  As of November 2018 students over 8 years of age are required to take this class after they have taken their tenth lesson, if not before.  The cost of the class is $25, and it is approximately 45 minute to an hour in length.  For more information on this class and to contact the instructor for scheduling please click here.