Riding Lessons – Safe Horse HandlingBeth Hartka

Safe Horse Handling Class (SHH)

This goal of this class is to instruct the student or volunteer in:

  • do’s and don’ts of horse safety
  • how to safely get a horse out of the field
  • how to safely get a horse through gates
  • how to ‘read’ the intentions of horses in the field and predict what they may do
  • the expectations of GEC regarding how our horses are handled

Until this class has been taken students are not allowed to get their lesson horse out of the field by themselves, and volunteers are not allowed to go into the fields with the horses or handle them by themselves.  Students who wish to arrive early for their lessons to groom and tack up their horse must take this class.  Volunteers who wish to assist with feeding must take this class.

The cost is $25 per participant, sign for the next class below!  Once in Vcita look under the last green selection bar – Private Lessons and Safe Horse Handling.