Horse LeasingBeth Hartka

GEC offers horses for lease to students only. Riders that are leasing are required to take 4 riding lessons per month. If you are not currently a student, please refer to the lesson page and setup an Intro lesson before inquiring about leasing.

To ensure safety, the horse that the rider leases must be approved by the instructor. The horses that are available for lease vary, and depending on their current workload horses may become available or unavailable for lease.

Please ask your instructor for more information about leasing.

Our leasing contract can be found here, and includes current pricing. Currently, to preserve the safety of the riders and horses, leasers are not allowed to jump during their lease rides, unless an instructor is on-site and has approved jumping for that horse and rider combination on that day.

We currently have a waiting list for leasing – please email [email protected] if you are interested in leasing and include which horse(s) you would like to lease.