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GEC’s unique location in the Gunpowder State Park makes it a wonderful area to enjoy the park on horseback.  We love visitors and welcome new faces to our facility. We offer miles of trails for avid trail rider or hikers.
We ask that visitors do not feed the horses on the premises and all dogs must be leashed at all times.
At this time GEC does not offer guided trail rides or horse rentals.  Trail rides are available only to students who take regular lessons at GEC.
 A list of other facilities that offer guided trail rides or horse rentals can be found at this link: Saddle_UP_web.

If you are interested in trailering your own horse(s) to our facility to ride the Gunpowder trails, contact us using the form below or call  (410) 663-4445 to let us know you are coming. We also require an up to date coggins. Trailer parking is in the field behind the yellow and white gate at the end of our parking lot.

Those trailering in horses must present:

  • Current negative Coggins (Equine Infectious Anemia/EIA) report
  • Proof of Equine Influenza Virus and Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis) vaccination within the past 6 months. Acceptable documentation is as follows:
    • Administered by veterinarian: Documentation from the veterinarian that the horse in question received the vaccines, the name of the vaccines, and the date the vaccines were administered to the horse.
    • Administered by the owner or other individual responsible for the horse’s care: a receipt for the vaccines purchase, signed by the owner or caregiver, serial number and expiration date of the vaccine, and the date the vaccinations were administered to the horse.

To schedule a time to trailer in, email

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