Graham Equestrian Center Gift CardsDeborah

Please do not purchase a gift card unless it is for a current GEC student. We apologize, it is unfair for gift card recipients to jump ahead of individuals already on our waiting list.

Graham Equestrian Center Gift Cards

Gift cards can be purchased in any denomination, however we suggest that you consider the lesson pricing in your purchase.  All new students are required to take an Intro Lesson, which is a private lesson, so please take that into consideration.  New students who have attended camp here are not required to take an intro lesson. Introductory lesson: All new riders with Graham Equestrian Center must do an Introductory Lesson no matter of age or experience level. It is a one time, one hour long lesson broken into two segments. The first 30 minutes is an orientation to our facility, safety procedures and basics of riding (more advanced riders will instead use this time to give us background information on riding history). The remaining 30 minutes will then be a lesson with one our instructors on a horse selected for the experience level. 

Lesson Pricing:

All lessons are 1 hour:

  • Private/Intro – $70
  • Semi-Private (2 to 3 students) – $60
  • Group (up to 6 students of similar experience levels) – $50
  • Special Needs riding- pricing varies depending on whether the instructor will need an assistant for the lesson.  Please submit a contact form for more information.

Online Gift Card Purchase Notes:

Digital gift card purchases will generate 3 emails to you, one is a receipt, one is a thank you message, and one is the gift card itself.  The digital gift card email comes from ‘Clover’.  The ‘Clover’ email is sometimes automatically put in your spam folder – so if you do not see it, please check in your spam folder.  Also on the digital gift card there is button that says ‘claim your gift’.  This step is not necessary.  As long as you have the email from ‘Clover’ there is nothing else for you to do.  You MUST keep that email however,the QR code on it is necessary to redeem the certificate and there is no way for us to recreate it. Please be aware that online gift card purchases do require manual entry on the part of the office staff, so please allow 24-48 hours for your request to be processed.  If you need the gift card sooner please reach out to us via our facebook page and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Thanks for your understanding.