Riders Take On Jenny Camp HT and Thornridge CT

This month, GEC riders Jay, Kaitlyn and Evangeline and GEC Instructor Janelle competed their horses at the Thornridge Manor Combined Test and MCTA Jenny Camp Horse Trials at Olney Farm. Combined Tests involve dressage and stadium jumping, while Horse Trials are a full 3-phase competition – that means riders and horses are challenged with a…

Hoofloose: Footfalls Explained

Hoofloose: Footfalls Explained At each gait, a horse will move its feet in a particular pattern. We call that pattern their footfall. When we understand the way a horse moves, we can better time our aids and increase their effectiveness. More effective aids mean better and quicker responses from the horse. The Walk – 4…

Two Straight Lines: Equitation Basics

Two Straight Lines: Equitation Basics I start most of my introductory lessons with the same sentence, whether you’re brand new to the sport or have been riding for years; “In good riding, there are two important straight lines.”  Boyd Martin on Tsetserleg with a great example of the sacred riding geometry during a dressage test….

Annual Open House

Save the Date for Graham Equestrian Center’s Annual Open House Sunday September 20th, 2020 Click here for more details…

Summer Horse Camp 2019

Summer Horse Camp dates for 2019 are coming soon. Follow us on Facebook to be the first to know when camp dates are announced!

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Don’t let the weather get you down!

All of us at Graham certainly aren’t! Our horses are weatherproof and we like to have a little fun rain or shine! Parents can relax in our temperature regulated lounge/classroom while students can warm up through the activity and exercise of a lesson.

Check out the Baltimore Sun’s write up about Graham!

The mission of Graham Equestrian Center is first and foremost to educate! We are always in need of donations both in materials, time and funds. For more outreach and continued education, we are aiming to be able to teach all year around by building an indoor arena. Every little bit counts. Read more by clicking the link…

How horses can help heal kids emotionally

“Caring for a Horse May Help Reduce Stress | Human-Equine Interaction A new study from Washington State University concludes that kids who work with horses have a significant reduction in stress, as measured by markers in their saliva. The study was published in April in the American Psychological Association’s Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin.” Read the full…

Jim McDonald was a guest on the CHA radio show!

To tune into Jim’s discussion about training the school horse – Focusing on principles of reinforcement and shaping behavior by clicking on the link: http://cha-ahse.org/store/pages/218/Horse_Radio_Network_Show.html