The Quest for an Indoor

It seems like forever that we have been chasing the indoor arena of our dreams. Some of you have been here since the beginning and kicked on – and WE SALUTE YOU.

Riders Take On Jenny Camp HT and Thornridge CT

This month, GEC riders Jay, Kaitlyn and Evangeline and GEC Instructor Janelle competed their horses at the Thornridge Manor Combined Test and MCTA Jenny Camp Horse Trials at Olney Farm. Combined Tests involve dressage and stadium jumping, while Horse Trials are a full 3-phase competition – that means riders and horses are challenged with a…

Hoofloose: Footfalls Explained

Hoofloose: Footfalls Explained At each gait, a horse will move its feet in a particular pattern. We call that pattern their footfall. When we understand the way a horse moves, we can better time our aids and increase their effectiveness. More effective aids mean better and quicker responses from the horse. The Walk – 4…

Two Straight Lines: Equitation Basics

Two Straight Lines: Equitation Basics I start most of my introductory lessons with the same sentence, whether you’re brand new to the sport or have been riding for years; “In good riding, there are two important straight lines.”  Boyd Martin on Tsetserleg with a great example of the sacred riding geometry during a dressage test….