Horsemanship ClassesBeth Hartka

Horsemanship at Graham Equestrian Center

The Graham Equestrian Center values the principles of Natural Horsemanship and we strive to instill those principles in our students, staff and boarders. Over the years the term “Natural” Horsemanship has become popular and somewhat convoluted.  To us Natural Horsemanship means many things but most importantly:

  • Training horse and rider when both are in a calm receptive state
  • Understanding the horse’s viewpoint and reactions as a prey animal
  • Respecting horses for the intelligent emotional beings that they are
  • Using the least amount of pressure to achieve results
  • Never punish the horse, only correct the horse
  • Reward the horse whenever they try, even a little bit, to do the right thing

While the principles of Natural Horsemanship are inherent at GEC, we also offer clinics, workshops and private lessons to help novice to experienced riders improve their abilities, overcome challeges, and learn skills that are transferrable to any horse.

Not all of these lessons necessarily involve riding.  Lessons in horsemanship have helped many people overcome their fear of horses and/or become better horsemen and horsewomen with excercises on the ground.

If you are interested in learning more about Natural Horsemanship you can contact us, or check out our events calendar for the next Horsemanship Clinic.